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This enticing gourmet coffee has scored 90 points on the cupping table and emits a strong walnut fragrance. In the light roast the cup has a berry like flavor, a mild acidity and full body. The specialty coffees produced in the mountainous region are renowned as some of the best coffees in Brazil and in the world. Its dominance in the Brazilian Cup of Excellence has created and embellished this fame. This region produces natural, pulped natural and washed coffee with unique characteristics, meeting the exacting requirements of clients throughout the world.

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This single origin estate coffee , comes from the Sul de Minas region and uses natural organic materials to improve and fertilize the plantation. This allows a rich biomass to develop between the rows of coffee that protects the soil and prevents from erosion. The coffee bushes flourish under the shade of native tree species, which increase the biodiversity by attracting migrating birds and other animals. This makes for long-term sustainability of the regions agro-ecosystem. A buttery medium bodied coffee with hints of cocoa and nuts, very sweet and fruity makes this a pleasant beverage.

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A full body and clean finish makes Joy Brazil House Blend an exceptional choice that you can enjoy throughout the day. The blend is made with 3 different coffees from 3 different producing regions: Sul de Minas, Carmo de Minas and Rio de Janeiro Highlands. By using only the highest-quality Arabica beans, Joy Brazil brings to you the finest special edition gourmet house blend. You will be amazed by the taste, the smoothness, the natural sweetness and the light acidity. MEDIUM ROAST.

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We've blended Brazil's Sul de Minas finest gourmet coffees to achieve the creamy flavor and full body of Joy Brazil Espresso Blend. It's widely known that the natural sun-dried Brazilian Arabica beans are the best in the world. The natural sweetness and acidity of the beans make the most amazing espresso cups. Joy Brazil has carefully selected these coffees and slowly roasted the gourmet beans for a full-bodied flavor and rich consistency.This medium roast has an exceptional body. The natural sweetness and intensity make for a superb cup of espresso like you've never tasted before!

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